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Most Firefighters are Overpaying $3,371 on Average More than Their Fair Share Every Year.

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Sound crazy? Unfortunately, most firefighters are paying way more of their hard-earned money in their share of taxes than they deserve or need to be. This is from 1 of 2 reasons:


TurboTax or Other “Free” Filing Software Platforms

Using their software is like expecting a doctor-level medical diagnosis from WebMD (spoiler alert - it’s always cancer).

Their goal is to make it as cheap and one-size-fits-all as possible, which doesn’t equal the most in savings for you. Sure, it was “free”, but cost you an extra $500+ in taxes.


HR Block and Other Cheap, Generalist Tax Preparers

Their heads are spinning from having to jump between hundreds of different types of businesses and consumers, so just stick to the basics of getting the return done - not saving you money.

Jack of all trades, master of none.


In the last 9 years of filing more than +40,000 tax returns personally, I’ve seen way too many hard working firefighters pay $200, $1,000 and even $5,000 more than they should be, simply by not taking deductions the right way, not being set up with the right filing structure, and just being looked past by paper pushers. 

That’s why I’ve distilled all that experience and knowledge down into LadderTax - a tax return service and rock-solid system designed specifically for firefighters to stop over-paying more than they should be in taxes. 

By only working with firefighters, we’ve developed proven systems and frameworks that have helped firefighters across the country avoid over-paying millions in taxes they would have with TurboTax or HR Block. 

Testimonials from a Few Of The 40,000+ Returns Filed:

"Literally saved me $10,000s..."

"Following some really poor advice from a past accountant, it looked like I owed the IRS a TON more in taxes than I ever expected. Within about 10 minutes of looking at my returns, Neal found the errors immediately, and literally saved me $10,000s in taxes, all from better structuring, and diligent attention to detail. He's a freaking wizard! 

Taylor H, Oregon​​

"Thank you so much for working on our taxes. It means a lot to me."

Want to Find Out How Much You Overpaid? If we can’t find at least $200 in savings for you, we’ll send you $200 in cash

Schedule a 30min conversation now, and if we can’t find at least $200 in savings for you, we’ll send you that $200 in cash. (Side note - about 80% of the time we are finding $3,000 - $5,000 in savings)

To qualify, you must have been a career, W2 firefighter for at least the last 3 years.

With that said, please understand that I’m not offering a sales pitch in disguise.

There is NO obligation to work with us, and all the savings findings are 100% actionable, so you can take and do it yourself, or give it to your current tax guy. We promise to not pester you in any way if you choose to.

But if you find great value and want us to handle it all the right way, our services are very reasonable, and staff are experts at firefighter tax returns. 

Here's How it Works:


Schedule Your Call

Simply use the tool below to select a time and date that work for a 30 minute chat over the phone. If you can’t find a time or date that works for you, please reach out and contact us at [email protected], and we can try and work something out.


Securely Send in Past 3 Returns

After receiving your booking, we’ll send over login access to our secure document portal, where you can submit your last 3 years of tax returns for us to examine. Please send at least 24hrs before the scheduled call. Feel free to block out any sensitive information on your returns as well (SSN, address, etc).


30min Chat w/ Findings

We’ll give you a call, and walk through a series of questions, as well as the results from your tax return analysis. This should take about 30 minutes over the phone, and will help us get to know your unique situation. If we can’t find at least $200 in savings, we’ll send you that $200 in cash (although about 80% of the time, we are finding $3,000 - $5,000 in savings).


Implement & Enjoy Savings! 

After that it’s up to you! We can help you actually implement those savings methods, or you can take all of the information and do it on your own. The information is 100% actionable, and a good amount of the time, you can actually re-file old returns and get an immediate refund check from the government. 

Ready to Stop Overpaying Your Fair Share?

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